Physics 11 is the first opportunity students have to dive deeply into our intricate and intriguing world of energy and forces! These two culprits are responsible for everything from roller coasters, parachuting, car crashes, listening to acoustic bliss from your favourite band, to enjoying steaming hot cups of coffee, warming your hands by a fire, and playing on your favourite battery-powered devices, to name only a few of the phenomena we experience in our lives every day. Well, hopefully not the crashes.

Technically, these events fall under the more scientific concepts of kinematics, dynamics, momentum, electricity, circuits and waves, etc. But more importantly, in this course, students will find themselves absorbed and inspired – through animated instructional videos and other engaging materials – by a feast of real-life applications and discoveries of these very same concepts. This course is designed to propel students on an exciting journey toward a solid and firm understanding of the fascinating physical world that exists all around them.

Table of Contents

*Each lesson is designed to take 60 – 90 minutes to complete with the exception of major projects and assignments.
Lesson 1: Some Physics Terminology
Lesson 2: Introduction to Vectors
Lesson 3: Trigonometry – Review
Lesson 4: Vectors With Trigonometry
Lesson 5: Units of Measurement and Significant Figures
Lesson 6: Graphing
Lesson 1: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
Lesson 2: Kinematics and Graphing
Lesson 3: Uniform Acceleration – Part I
Lesson 4: Uniform Acceleration – Part II
Lesson 5: Vectors – Part I
Lesson 6: Vectors – Part II
Lesson 1: Intro to Forces
Lesson 2: Gravity and Springs
Lesson 3: Force Vectors
Lesson 4: Free-Body Diagrams
Lesson 5: Force Problems
Lesson 6: Supplemental
Lesson 1: Introduction to Newton’s Laws
Lesson 2: Newton’s Second Law Part I
Lesson 3: Newton’s Second Law Part II
Lesson 4: Newton’s Third Law
Lesson 5: Friction Part I
Lesson 6: Friction Part II
Lesson 1: Kinetic and Gravitational Energy
Lesson 2: Conservation of Energy
Lesson 3: Work and Power
Lesson 4: Thermal Energy
Lesson 5: Thermal Energy Problems
Lesson 1: Intro to Electricity
Lesson 2: Electric Currents
Lesson 3: Electric Potential
Lesson 4: Resistance
Lesson 5: Ohm’s Law
Lesson 1: Complex Electric Circuits
Lesson 2: Kirchhoff’s Laws
Lesson 3: Circuit Analysis
Lesson 4: EMF, Internal Resistance, and Terminal Voltage
Lesson 5: Power in Electric Circuits
Lesson 6: Efficiency of a Circuit
Lesson 1: Introduction to Waves
Lesson 2: Properties of Waves
Lesson 3: Light
Lesson 4: Sound – Part I
Lesson 5: Sound – Part II

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Course Features

  • Informal and formal lab experience
  • Interesting and engaging activities/labs/projects:
    • Designing a rollercoaster
    • Building a functional trap
    • Historical moon-landing analysis
    • Constructing electrical circuits
    • Experimentally calculating the speed of sound
    • Analyzing and Improving your energy footprint

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