Career-Life Connections is an important course that gives high school students the space and time to answer some big questions, such as: “What do I really want to do with my life?” and “How will I get there?” Through intentionally designed lessons, activities, and assignments, students will participate in learning opportunities that will help them dig deeper into their personal strengths, consider how those strengths relate to potential career pathways, and determine a post-high school plan. Along with more typical learning experiences within a high school course, CLC has two unique features that support students as they plan forward. First, they participate in 30 hours of experiential learning through work or volunteer opportunities to try out real-life work scenarios. Second, they engage in a capstone experience that results in them creating a celebration Capstone Project that reflects their personal learning journey and highlights their future plans. Both of these features give students valuable experience and ideas that can help them successfully transition to their next great adventure in life.

Table of Contents

*Each lesson is designed to take 60 – 90 minutes to complete with the exception of major projects and assignments.
Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Overview
Lesson 2: Charting a Career-Life Pathway
Lesson 3: Core Competencies and the Educated Citizen
Lesson 1: Capstone Part One: Self-assessment and Critical Analysis
Lesson 2: Capstone Part Two: Process and Representation
Lesson 3: Capstone Part Three: Showcase and Celebration
Lesson 1: Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
Lesson 2: Young and New Workers
Lesson 3: Health and Safety Legislation
Lesson 4: Hazards in the Workplace
Lesson 5: Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
Lesson 6: Showing Your Workplace Health and Safety Readiness
Lesson 1: Building Your Support System
Lesson 2: Discovering Your Personal Strengths
Lesson 3: Personal Perspectives
Lesson 4: Skills for Your Career-Life Journey
Lesson 5: Building Key Life Skills
Lesson 1: Showcasing my Learning Journey
Lesson 2: Creating a Showcasing Sample
Lesson 3: Using Others’ Original Works
Lesson 4: Draft Your Capstone Project Proposal
Lesson 1: Smart Marketing in the Digital World
Lesson 2: Marketing for Post-Secondary Admissions
Lesson 3: Marketing for the World of Work
Lesson 4: Using Your Marketing Tools
Lesson 5: Create Your Résumé and Cover Letter
Lesson 1: External Factors that Impact Career-Life Decisions
Lesson 2: Exploring an Occupational Area of Interest
Lesson 3: Other Factors that Impact Career-Life Decisions
Lesson 4: Exploring Employment Standard
Lesson 5: Be a Career Detective!
Lesson 1: Exploring Post-Secondary Options
Lesson 2: Factors that can Impact Post-Secondary Decisions
Lesson 3: Paying for Post-Secondary Education
Lesson 4: Financial Literacy 101
Lesson 5: Financial Literacy 102 Lesson 6: Creating a Budget
Lesson 1: The Capstone Project
Lesson 2: Finalizing Your Capstone Project Proposal
Lesson 3: Core Competency Development
Lesson 4: Completing the Capstone Project
Lesson 5: Presentation and Capstone Wrap-up

Lesson 1: Experiential Learning Checkpoint One
Lesson 2: Experiential Learning Checkpoint Two
Lesson 3: Experiential Learning Final Checkpoint

Project: Glossary
Project: Capstone Project
Project: Career-Life Exploration Project

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