This course aligns with the learning outcomes for:

United States

This course aligns with the learning outcomes for:

United States

Are your students intimidated about the prospect of having to take the “dreaded” Calculus course at some point in their future? Are you searching for a Pre-Calculus curriculum that will help your students master its topics and not only survive Calculus but even thrive? And all the while still enjoying the course? Your search is over.

StudyForge proudly presents: Pre-Calculus.

Pre-Calculus is the culmination of a students’ high school mathematical journey, as they learn the fundamentals of advanced functions, trigonometry, logarithms and more. The course thoroughly prepares students for the oncoming rigor of Calculus, yet does so in a manner that is compelling and rewarding, and fosters an appreciation for the real-life applications of each topic explored, as well as for math itself.

With auditory, visual, and hands-on components throughout, this is truly a course that suits all learning styles. The lessons are engaging, interactive and student-friendly, with interactive videos that allow students to pause and rewind at any point and go at their own speed, as well as fun, interactive applets and dynamic graphs scattered throughout that enhance student understanding.

Each video is accompanied by a student-friendly note package that allows students to take notes to whatever level of detail they like. There are also an abundance of practice questions for students to internalize the material, with full, detailed solutions for each, as well as a comprehensive review assignment and practice test. Furthermore, with randomized question banks, students can redo every quiz and test in the course to help them master the material and perform their very best.

This course is a prerequisite for students who might take Calculus (or AP Calculus) in the future.

Table of Contents

*Each lesson is designed to take 60 – 90 minutes to complete with the exception of major projects and assignments.
Lesson 1: The Coordinate Plane and Graphs
Lesson 2: Domain and Range
Lesson 3: Functions
Lesson 4: Applications of Functions
Lesson 1: Function Terminology
Lesson 2: Common Functions
Lesson 3: Key Features of Functions
Lesson 4: Transformations of Functions Part I: Stretches and Reflections
Lesson 5: Transformations of Functions Part II: Translations
Lesson 6: Combinations of Transformations
Lesson 7: Inverse Functions
Lesson 8: (Enrichment) Modelling Situations Using Regression
Lesson 1: Graphing Quadratics Introduction
Lesson 2: Graphing Quadratics Continued
Lesson 3: Completing the Square
Lesson 4: Maximum and Minimum Problems
Lesson 5: (Enrichment) The Quadratic Formula
Lesson 1: From Linear to Exponential Functions
Lesson 2: Transforming Exponential Functions
Lesson 3: Graphing Exponential Functions
Lesson 4: Continuous Exponential Growth
Lesson 5: Introduction to Logarithms
Lesson 6: Solving Equations Using Logarithms
Lesson 7: Product and Quotient Laws
Lesson 8: Graphing Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 1: Arithmetic Sequences
Lesson 2: Arithmetic Series
Lesson 3: Geometric Sequences
Lesson 4: Finite Geometric Series
Lesson 5: Infinite Geometric Series
Lesson 6: (Enrichment) Sigma Notation
Lesson 7: (Enrichment) Pascal’s Triangle (The Binomial Theorem)
Lesson 1: Trigonometry Review
Lesson 2: Sine Law & Area of Any Triangle
Lesson 3: Cosine Law
Lesson 4: New Angular Measure – Radians
Lesson 5: Angles and the Coordinate Plane
Lesson 6: Trigonometric Ratios of Any Angle
Lesson 7: Special Angles and Triangles
Lesson 8: Solving Trigonometric Equations
Lesson 9: (Enrichment) Sine Law: The Ambiguous Case
Lesson 1: Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions
Lesson 2: Graphing Tangent Functions
Lesson 3: Graphing Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 4: Applications of Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 5: Trigonometric Identities – An Introduction
Lesson 6: Sum, Difference and Double Angle Identities
Lesson 7: Solving Advanced Trig Equations
Lesson 8: (Enrichment) Using Technology to Solve More Complex Equations
Lesson 1: Parabolas
Lesson 2: Circles
Lesson 3: Ellipses
Lesson 4: Hyperbolas
Lesson 5: Parametric Curves
Lesson 6: Polar Curves
Lesson 1: Introduction to Vectors
Lesson 2: Vectors With Trigonometry
Lesson 3: Vector Operations
Lesson 4: Solving Systems of Equations
Lesson 5: Introduction to Matrices and Matrix Operations
Lesson 6: Matrix Multiplication, Inverses and Determinants
Lesson 7: Applications of Matrices
Lesson 1: Introduction to Limits
Lesson 2: Properties of Limits
Lesson 3: Limits Involving Infinity
Lesson 4: Continuity and The Sandwich Theorem
Lesson 5: Applications of Limits

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See What Others Have to Say:

StudyForge has been an effective instructional program for students who are learning math. There are many visual representations as well as audio explanations on all the topics. Most of the practice questions provide both an answer and a solution to help students understand the procedures. From the teacher’s perspective, the course instruction can be easily rearranged for students who need a review of concepts from a previous grade.


Online Teacher at EBUS Academy

I have been using the StudyForge math videos for a year now. The benefits were immediate as I was able to free up the time spent with my students to better track their progress and construct personalized learning goals. My students love the ease of use of the system and most of all, the increase in their test scores! I can’t ever imagine going back to a traditional classroom!


Blended Teacher at Brampton Christian School

I think the videos are excellent. Unlike lectures, I can actually rewind back and forth as much as I want. In class, students kind of miss important information because they are busy writing notes.

Alice P

StudyForge Student

I love the reporting tool. In my distributed learning context, seeing student’s work habits in a helpful format has become invaluable to me. I wouldn’t ever want to give one on one help to students again without the course overview report handy!

Ryan J.

Online Teacher

Course Features

  • Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • Desmos Activities [coming soon]
  • Geogebra Interactives