This course aligns with the learning outcomes for:

United States

This course aligns with the learning outcomes for:

United States

This award-winning course is a robust, engaging, interactive, and student-friendly immersion into calculus. In this course, students begin a journey of calculus discovery and development that suits all learning styles with auditory, visual, and hands-on components throughout. Calculus 12 provides students a foundation for progression into University Calculus. Within this course, students are led through the historical journey of the discovery and development of calculus. Each lesson involves interactive videos that allow students to go at their own speed, with the ability to pause and rewind at any point. With student-friendly note packages and practice questions with detailed solutions, students will never get stuck and can learn how to solve even the most challenging calculus problems. Students can also retake every quiz and test to encourage them to strive towards mastery. Note: To learn more about AP Calculus options check out our AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC – where your students can earn college credit.

Table of Contents

*Each lesson is designed to take 60 – 90 minutes to complete with the exception of major projects and assignments.
Lesson 1: Introduction to Calculus
Lesson 2: Review of Function Terminology And More
Lesson 3: Graphing Calculators
Lesson 4: Compositions and Transformations of Functions
Lesson 5: Some Common Functions
Lesson 6: Inverse Functions
Lesson 7: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 1: Introduction to Limits
Lesson 2: Properties of Limits
Lesson 3: Limits Involving Infinity
Lesson 4: Continuity and The Sandwich Theorem
Lesson 5: Applications of Limits
Lesson 1: The Derivative
Lesson 2: Rules of Differentiation
Lesson 3: Trigonometric Derivatives and The Chain Rule
Lesson 4: Derivatives of Exponential, Logarithmic, and Inverse Trig Functions
Lesson 5: Implicit Differentiation
Lesson 1: Analyzing Functions Part I: Curve Sketching
Lesson 2: Analyzing Functions Part II: Maximums and Minimums
Lesson 3: Applied Maximum and Minimum Problems
Lesson 4: Distance, Velocity, Acceleration, and Rectilinear Motion
Lesson 5: Related Rates
Lesson 6: The Mean-Value Theorem and L’Hopital’s Rule
Lesson 1: Area Approximation and Riemann Sums
Lesson 2: Introduction to the Definite Integral
Lesson 3: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Lesson 4: Integrals and Antiderivatives
Lesson 5: Integration by Substitution
Lesson 6: Integration by Parts
Lesson 7: The Definite Integral
Lesson 1: Finding The Area Under and Between Curves
Lesson 2: Volume by Discs (Slicing)
Lesson 3: Volume by Shells
Lesson 4: Work
Lesson 5: Average Value of a Function and Rectilinear Motion Revisited
Lesson 1: Differential Equations – An Introduction
Lesson 2: Initial Value Problems, Slope Fields, and Euler’s Method
Lesson 3: Linearization and Newton’s Method
Lesson 4: Numerical Approximation Methods with Integrals

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Course Features

  • Many lessons include fun, interactive applets and dynamic graphs which help foster a conceptual and even intuitive understanding of fundamental topics.
  • Digital DESMOS Graphing Calculator within the course