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Once upon a time, in an LMS far far away, a team of online school teachers were frustrated with the state of their online courses. Shipping textbooks and supplementing them with more online reading and explanation was not engendering a level of student success they were satisfied with. So they embarked on a journey, a quest, an adventure in development: first developing animated content, then developing a platform to help them gain insight into how students were interacting with that content.

Fast forward 13 years and today those first educators have been joined on the journey by a team of over 20 educators, designers and technologists. Together we have created over 4000 videos and supply complete curricula for Canada and the US in Math, Science, and Humanities. The quest continues as we spend our days reading the top research in online teaching and learning, then intertwining these concepts into our courses. All StudyForge courses come with interactive videos, engaging exercises and thoughtful quizzes designed to avoid regurgitation and invoke deep thinking in students. This, in combination with a platform that tracks student progress at a level of fidelity no LMS can match, allows teachers to connect with online students as well as, or better than, the classroom. You don’t need a crystal ball, or a magic mirror – our teachers have StudyForge.

We believe that every child in every kingdom deserves to have a teacher who believes in them empowered with great online resources, so StudyForge donates its courses to schools in countries that can’t afford to pay for resources.

We look forward to joining you in your story, providing your students with an effective curriculum to complete their high school education, moving them forward towards their next chapter.

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