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The team at StudyForge has been hard at work, we’ve adapted our Math 7, 8, and 9 course to the new curriculum and are launching Math 5 and 6, as well as Pre-Calculus and Foundations of Math 10, Pre-Calculus 11 and Pre-Calculus 12 in the fall of 2017. Our curriculum is designed by British Columbia teachers, for British Columbia teachers. If you’re not familiar with StudyForge’s amazing digital curriculaware, check out these short videos explaining a bit about who we are.

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What Can We Offer You?

All our courses are aligned to the new curriculum and include everything you currently have in a StudyForge course and more! Our high quality, informative, interactive and intriguing videos will continue to be there, including all new content from the BCEd. plan. You will continue to receive these videos aligned to robust practice questions with detailed interactive solutions. We are also adding inquiry videos and applets to guide students through the questions they have along the way, and allow them to discover the methods themselves. In addition we are creating projects throughout the courses that allow teacher and student choice to create an engaging experience, giving teachers an opportunity to see students grow in the curricular competencies.

Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions

In addition to the new video content, we are adding lots and lots more practice questions, not only for the new curriculum but also to round out some of our current curriculum, and all with detailed, step by step solutions.

Mastery Assignments

We have created chapter assignments throughout these three courses to follow the StudyForge pedagogy of mastery. Take a look at the updated look or download a sample here.


We are adding interactive GeoGebra applets all over the place so that students can explore the mathematical ideas with a hands on approach, and be allowed to ask and answer questions that will lead them down the road of discovery.

Project Based Learning

In over 50% of the chapters in each course, StudyForge is preparing amazing student projects. Projects that require student inquiry and deep thought to apply the things they’ve learned and allow them to extend those skills into other areas. Teachers will have choice in how to apply these to their courses, how many they want to use or whether or not to allow student choice, all while still providing an opportunity for learners to grow in the curricular competencies, and teachers to assess that growth. Click on the images to take a look at the sample’s provided here.

Study Forge Resources

StudyForge Resources include:

  • Mastery assignments for every chapter
  • Static or randomized test banks for every chapter
  • Prepared Final Exam for the course
  • Course projects for over 50% of the chapters in each course
  • Resources are available in Moodle, BrainHoney, BlackBoard, and D2L.

Regular Pricing

Course Static Chapter Tests Randomized Chapter Tests
Math 5 $300 $600
Math 6 $300 $600
Math 7 $300 $600
Math 8 $300 $600
Math 9 $300 $600
FMPC 10 $400 $700
Pre-Calculus 11 $400 $700
Pre-Calculus 12 $400 $700

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